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U.S. President Donald Trump grewincreasingly exasperated on Thursday as he sat in his cabin aboard Air ForceOne and watched television coverage of Democrats on a congressional committeeaccuse him of criminal behavior.


Moments after landing in Washington, theRepublican Trump fired back at Democrats for launching an impeachment inquiryfor having pressed his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate a leadingDemocratic rival in the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden.

在抵達華盛頓以后不久,特朗普對民主黨人發起的彈劾調查進行了回擊,因為特朗普在電話中敦促烏克蘭總統對美國前副總統喬·拜登(Joe Biden)進行調查,而拜登是特朗普在2020年大選中民主黨方面的主要競爭對手。

The inquiry is casting a new pall over hispresidency just months after he emerged from the dark cloud cast by SpecialCounsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether he colluded with Russia inthe 2016 election.

就在幾個月前,特別檢察官羅伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)對特朗普是否在2016年大選中與俄羅斯勾結的調查,已經給特朗普謀求連任總統蒙上了一層新的陰影。

The source, who is close to Trump, raisedsignificant concerns about the readiness of his team to prepare for what thatperson called "the biggest fight of his life."


"I’m gravely concerned there’s nomedia operation up and running right now to be pushing back on all this.There’s no plan," the source said.


A businessman and former reality TV star,Trump has taken the lead for decades in shaping his media image.


His reaction so far has been to flail atDemocrats, the media and the whistleblower who raised the Ukrainian issue. Hepunched out a series of tweets and retweets denouncing them, including HouseIntelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, whom he branded "liddle AdamSchiff."


In the span of several hours, Trump firedoff about 45 blasts via Twitter, a Reuters count showed, an unusually highnumber even for him.


Ending a trip to the United Nations GeneralAssembly, Trump was in a stormy mood as he addressed diplomats of the U.S.Mission to the United Nations at a New York hotel. Whoever gave the informationabout the Ukraine call could be a spy, he suggested.


In the call, Trump talked about how muchassistance the United States provides to Ukraine and then asked Zelenskiy tolook into Biden's son Hunter Biden over his ties to Ukraine's energy industryas well as Biden himself.


During a New York news conference onWednesday, Trump appeared unusually subdued when asked whether he was preparedfor a long impeachment saga.


Trump harked back to the Russia probe thatMueller concluded in April.


"I thought we won. I thought it wasdead. It was dead. The Mueller report. No obstruction. No collusion," hesaid.